The 5 w’s


Year 1 letter
Year 1’s letter to Bishop John



It’s great to be part
Of Sacred Heart:
A school where we all do our best.
It’s great to be part
Of Sacred Heart:
A school that will bring you success.

Our school is so friendly;
Our teachers are so nice.
They make sure we’re successful
With all their good advice.
Our first-class education
Means when we’re all assessed
We’ve tried hard to achieve our goals
That show us at our best.

Our school’s got a great playground
Where we can have such fun
At tennis, football, other sports-
It’s great for everyone.
We’ve got some ‘bouncy hoppers’
Some hockey sticks; a frame.
There’s lots of great equipment
For lots of different games.


We like to learn about all sorts
Like lions and giraffes.
We love to swim and go on trips
To pantos for a laugh.
The food is fine at lunchtime-
It really does taste good
And if they gave us massive plates
We’d eat more if we could.

‘Every Heart Is Sacred’
That’s what we like to say
When we praise and worship
In our school every day.
We all try to be friendly
And show great love and care
For in our school we like to feel
That we’ve got lots to share.