Other Faiths

At Sacred Heart we are always keen to learn as much as possible about other faiths, whether by learning from visitors who come into school or by going out on trips to other religious centres. This helps both staff and pupils develop a better and deeper knowledge of the world around us in the hope of aiding us in becoming more understanding and embracing of other cultures.


Year 6 trip to the Buddhist Centre
In October 2014, Year 6 went to the Buddhist Centre in Manchester to learn more about the Buddhist way of life. A strong emphasis was put on looking for similarities between Buddhism and Catholicism, as well as examining things that are different between the two. The children also learnt about Buddhist meditation and its importance to Buddhists.

Meditation in Progress


Year 1 trip to the Jewish Museum
In September 2014, Year 1 went to visit the Jewish Museum to learn more about Judaism. They learnt lots of interesting things about Judaism and learnt the Hebrew words for some of the most important objects in the Jewish Faith.

The Torah
The Torah
Wearing a kippah
Wearing a Kippah
Holding the Torah
Holding the Torah
Important objects
Some important objects


Sikhism with Year 3
In September 2014, Year 3 were very fortunate in receiving a visit from Pritpal Singh. He taught the children lots of fascinating things about Sikh music, clothing and traditions and the children were eager to participate in the session!

Sikh Music
Learning about Sikh music
Putting on a turban
Putting on a Turban
The final touches
The Final Touches


Diwali with Year 1
In October 2014, Year 1 were introduced to Diwali, The Hindu Festival of Light, by Natasha Casey. She showed the children some traditional Indian clothes, as well as bringing in incense sticks for them to smell, presenting each child with a good luck bracelet and giving each child a present, as is tradition on Diwali.

Making Decorations
Learning how to make Decorations
A good luck bracelet
Putting on a good luck bracelet
Getting Dressed Up
Getting dressed up