Financial Education

Centre of Excellence for Financial Education

At Sacred Heart School we believe it is vital that our children develop a good understanding of finance in order to help them plan and manage a range of financial circumstances as they grow older. We have tailored our curriculum so that we educate children about finance so that they develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to money in order to equip them for life.

PFEG Timetable

Nursery Gingerbread Activity



Year 1 & Year 2 Cinema Night

Years 1 and 2 had a cinema night to raise money. The children sold tickets and made snack packs which were sold on the night.


On Thursday 4th February Y2 visited Tesco in Gorton. Each child had 50p to purchase ingredients to make a Fruit Salad.

This tied in with our Personal finance lesson on working within a budget, our science topic which is about healthy eating and our English lesson in which we are learning how to write instructions for making a Fruit Salad.

BoB Box Project

Years 3 and 4 completed a 2K run to help raise money for Cafod through the ‘BoB box’ project. The children have worked hard to collect sponsorship money because they have learned through pfeg lessons how important it is to do charity work to help those who are less fortunate than us.


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