As a result of an increase in requests for places at Breakfast Club, we are introducing a booking policy which will allow you to book and pay for your child’s place a week in advance. This will assist the Breakfast Club Manager in planning the staffing and food requirements, and also to prepare appropriate activities for the children who will be attending.

How to book your child’s place at Breakfast Club

The preferred method is via the SIMS Agora website. As with the current system, places should be booked and paid for one week in advance.  We are also now able to offer a discount for family bookings, the new prices will be £1.75 per day for the first child and £1 per day for each additional child.

There are a limited number of places available for children under the age of 5 years in exceptional circumstances, such as for working parents, and for those children who have an older sibling who already attends breakfast club.  These places must be agreed in advance with the breakfast club manager, and will be subject to a risk assessment.

Booking and payment for the Breakfast Club must be paid in advance. If a booking is not received, it is possible that a place may not be available for your child due to the demand for places. You can book and pay at the school office or telephone the office if you have paid online. Breakfast Club opens at 8.00a.m, and your child must be registered each day before 8.30a.m.

Children attending breakfast club should arrive no earlier than 8.00a.m, as this is the time that the breakfast club staff begin work.