The office is open and phones manned from 8.00am – 4.30pm every day.  In line with safeguarding procedures the outer door is only accessible by a buzzer.   There are times during the school day when the office is very busy and as the waiting area outside the office is quite small, we ask that Parents and Carers arrive at school via the playground unless they need the office so that we can better assist you.

As part of our rigorous Safeguarding procedures the gate to the playground will be locked once the school bell has rang at 8.55am and then all late children must report to the school via the school office.

Parents and Carers of children starting at Sacred Heart will be asked to bring their children via the school office on the first day.  We appreciate your patience whilst children are being admitted.

If your child has to go home because they or sick or have an appointment during the school day you will need to sign them out at the office.  If at all possible children should return to school immediately after the appointment and  be signed back into school at the school office.

School communicates much in the same way with Parents and Carers, however we also a text messaging service so that we can contact you in an emergency we do ask that Priority Number 1’s mobile phone is fully charged and on during the school day.

It is very important that we know who is going to pick up your child on a daily basis.  If someone is coming to pick up your child whom we do not know or if they pick up very infrequently please phone the school office in the early afternoon to let us know.