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Home Learning Guidance – Class 3:
Class 3 Home Learning Guidance


If you are having difficulty accessing home learning please email the class teacher at:

Additional online lessons can be found on BBC Bitesize and from Oak National Academy:



Activity Passport

Last academic year, the Department for Education developed an activity passport for each year group, designed simply to help children to enjoy the world around them. The full passport can be found here but we have made some edits so that only the activities that can be easily accessed from home are included. Later in the year, when all is calm once more, we will share with you the rest of the activities which include having fun in the outside world.

There is no expectation for you to complete all or, indeed, any of these activities but, as parents ourselves, we know that sometimes being at home with our families for long periods can be stressful. Whilst we want to do everything we can to support your child’s formal education in these uncertain times (see the Home Learning Tasks document and the ‘Learning Links’ section of our website), we also think that it is important to try to make the most of the opportunity to slow down, enjoy our children’s company and do all we can to make this unprecedented experience as positive as possible.

The Parish Facebook page (‘Sacred Heart & Saint Francis of Assisi Parish’) is a good page to follow and shares useful and uplifting prayers and information. There are also several ways of watching Mass at home should you be unable to physically attend church:
Class 3 Activity Passport

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Class 3 Planning Documents

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