Head Teacher: Mrs S Walker

Deputy Headteacher and SENCo: Mr D Wilson

Assistant Headteacher and Early Years Leader: Mrs Bancroft, Mrs Botham


RE Leader and  ECAR Leader: Mrs Botham

Maths Leader: Mr Long

Literacy Leader: Miss M McLaughlin


Class Teachers:

Early Years Teachers: Mrs Bancroft, Mrs D O’Hara , Miss C Garland, Miss T Briggs, Mrs K Enright, Mrs K Halls

Class 1 Teacher: Miss E Geary

Class 2 Teacher: Mrs Garrett

Class 3 Teacher: Miss C Robinson

Class 4 Teacher: Mrs Brooks

Class 5 Teacher: Miss O Leadbetter

Class 6 Teacher: Miss McLaughlin

Class 7 Teacher: Mr Worthington

Class 8 Teacher: Mr Davies & Mrs Botham

Class 9 Teacher: Mr D Long


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs M Taylor

Mrs D Moloney

Mrs C Hatton

Ms E Geraghty

Ms D Dolan

Mrs J Montgomery

Ms F Walsh

Mrs S Speed

Miss M Walker

Mrs A Carway

Mr J Maiden


Other Roles

Parent Liaison Officer: Ms E Geraghty

School Caseworker : Mrs Joy Mahoney

Maths Specialist: Mr A Miles

Finance Admin and Data Officer : Mrs C Warner

Finance and Human Resources Manager: Mrs C Shorrock

Site Manager: Mr A Whelan

Cleaners: Mrs C Glover , Mrs G Sabba, Miss Z Moran

Breakfast Club Assistant: Mrs S Huggins


Lunchtime Organisers:

Mrs J Doherty, Miss J Hurst, Mrs J Casey, Mrs D Bessomb , Miss J Jurkevicius, Mrs G Sabba


First Aiders:

Mrs C Shorrock, Miss C Warner, Mrs S Speed, Mrs S Huggins, Ms E Geraghty, Miss M Walker , Miss Walsh


Designated Safeguarding Officers:

Mrs S Walker, Mr D. Wilson, Ms E Geraghty