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Sacred Heart and St Francis Parish

Sacramental Programme 2019-2020

Dear Parents/Carers

We are delighted that you wish to continue your child’s journey of faith with us at parish of Sacred Heart and St. Francis, Gorton.  We look forward to making this journey together with you and your child.

The Sacraments of Holy Communion and Reconciliation are of such importance that they require your full support and commitment as we work alongside you and you children.  Please note that it is essential to attend on all the dates below.  By signing the attached form and enrolling your child on the Sacramental programme you are committing to engaging fully with all aspects and attending all of the following dates:

Date Event Notes
Friday 15 November Enrolment Form Deadline  
Wednesday 20 November Parents’ Meeting (time t.b.a.) Sacred Heart School only
Friday 22 November Parents’ Meeting (time t.b.a.) St Francis School only
Saturday 23 November 11.00 a.m. Parents’ Meeting followed by Opening Mass All children (both schools)
Sunday 1st December 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 1) Parents’ Session 1
Sunday 8th December 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 2)  
Sunday 15th December 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 3) Parents’ Session 2
Sunday 22nd December 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 4)  
Sunday 5th January 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 5) Parents’ Session 3
Sunday 2nd February 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 6)  
Saturday 29th February 10.00 a.m. 1st Reconciliation SH School Time slots t.b.a.
Sunday 1st March 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 7) Parents’ Session 4
Saturday 7th March 10.00 a.m. 1st Reconciliation SF School Time slots t.b.a.
Sunday 5th April 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 8)  
Sunday 3rd May10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 9) Parents’ Session 5
Sunday 7th June 10.00 a.m. Children (Mass 10)  
Saturday 20th June 12.00 p.m. Mass 1st Holy Communion Mass (SH)  
Saturday 27th June 12.00 p.m. Mass 1st Holy Communion Mass (SF)  


As you can see from the table, Holy Communion for the children will take place on two Saturdays in June, one at each church.

Again we, as a team, would like to thank you for supporting your child on their journey.  Please know that we are here to support you and your child as we grow together in faith.

Please return the attached enrolment form completed by Friday the 15th of November.


God bless

Fr Kevin Murphy and The Sacramental Programme Team

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