Science Yearly Overview

Science Week 2021


Pupils in Key Stage One enjoyed a visit from ZooLab during science week. They have been learning how to identify and classify animals, including humans, during their science lessons. They were able to answer lots of questions and identify the characteristics of many of the animals they saw.


Class 7, 8 and 9 learnt an acronym during a science workshop to help them remember the order of the planets in our solar system from the closest to the sun, to the most distant.
Mvery energetic mother just served unine pizzas’.
Class 8 enjoyed learning about the properties of magnets and how the force of magnetism still works, even at a distance. Zuzanna from Class 1 also enjoyed making a magnetic maze at home and tried and tested many different materials to see whether they had magnetic properties.


Light and Shade
Make some noise
Growing Plants
Tricks of Light
Fantastic Fungi
Changing State
Static Electricity
Magnetic Earth
Growing Plants
Fantastic Fungi