Science Leader – Mrs C.Lord









British Science Week 


Science Week at Sacred Heart is one of the weeks the children most look forward to. This year, it was one of our biggest and best science weeks yet!
It’s a great opportunity to introduce new concepts to children which they may be unfamiliar with, through engaging and interactive activities. It’s also a good chance for children to revisit concepts they’ve previously learnt but have forgotten about. 
A child in Class 3 commented during one of the science workshops, “Wow, that’s magic!” 
The scientist responded, “Magicians never reveal their secrets. Scientists always do. This is just a concept which you’ve just not learnt about yet.”







Science Investigations at Home

Well done to all of the children who sent in photos of the investigations they completed at home with the support of their parents. Have a look at the range of activities some of the children in Class 3 completed. Aania and Rayna experimented with changing states whilst making slime, Zuzanna made a sound booster, Ella learnt about forces whilst Emily found out about liquid reactions.






Experimenting with Magnets

During science week, Lower Key Stage 2 pupils investigated the impact that magnets have on gravity. They made a bridge and attached magnets to it and observed the magnets attract the metal paper clips. The children found that the magnetic force was stronger than the gravity acting upon the paper clip which made the paper clip appear as though it was ‘floating’. 

The Year 4 pupils learnt about magnets and forces last year, so it was an excellent opportunity to recap their learning. Year 3 pupils can’t wait to learn all about magnets and forces next year.




 Properties of Changes and Materials

Children in Year 4 learnt all about dissolving which has introduced the children well to their new science unit ‘properties of changes and materials’, when they move into Year 5 in September.


 Lava Lamps
Year 3 pupils made lava lamps. It was a good chance for the children to quickly revisit what they’d learnt in the Autumn term whilst studying ‘States of Matter’. This activity certainly made the learning more memorable. 


Floating and Sinking
Children in early years were busy sorting out objects into two groups, objects which float and objects which sink.


Floating and Forces
Key Stage 1 Children to part in a challenge. They had to construct a boat which floated, using very limited materials. The boat also had to hold 5 marbles. The children soon recalled from their prior knowledge from their time in early years, that holes in boats are not helpful when trying to make something float!


Pupils in Key Stage One also made parachutes. They had great fun learning outdoors about forces. They now know, what goes up, must come down! They did find ways of making the ‘coming down’ a little slower. 


Science Boffin Workshop
All pupils in Key Stage 2 took part in a workshop with the Science Boffins to recap their knowledge about states of matter. The dry ice was a ‘wow’ moment for many children.