Welcome to Class 2

I am Mrs Garrett, and I have been teaching at Sacred Heart since 2019, when my family moved up to Manchester. At school I used to love writing, but I always thought I was bad at maths. Luckily, I had a very kind teacher who taught me to be brave and have a go during my lessons, and now I love maths! This is the best thing about school, being free to make mistakes, knowing someone is there to help you improve. In my spare time, I love to walk and cycle. I also spend a lot of time in the garden enjoying the sunshine and watching the birds. Like many of our children at Sacred Heart, English is my second language. Did you know that I was born in Brazil? I speak Portuguese and a bit of Spanish. How about you?






How to Pronounce the Phonics Sounds:

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Counting videos to support at home:
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